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DAWNING OF THE CORONA AGE: Navigating the Pandemic

This newly released, quite readable, comprehensive and entertaining book by Johnny Freedom, exposes the COVID-19 pandemic, from its inception in Wuhan, China, to the present day implications, both positive and negative, for permanently altering our liberty and lives long into the distant future. The PDF version includes 670 live links in the footnotes to the news and research sources. Order your $10 PDF copy with live links OR your $25 PRINT copy today!

“This compelling exploration reaches far beyond the immediate impacts of the ‘pandemic’. Dawning of the Corona Age imagines how our human world may be altered long into an uncertain future.”

THE PANDEMIC: COVID-19, Season 1, Episode 1

  1. Preface and Introduction
  2. Seven Known Strains of Coronavirus
  3. COVID-19 Did Not Naturally Occur
  4. China’s COVID-19 Coverup
  5. Faulty Computer Simulations & Projections
  6. Skepticism of Mainstream Narratives & Projections
  7. Herd/Individual Immunity, Lockdowns & Quarantines
  8. The Immune System is Your Primary Defense
  9. How Contagious is COVID-19?
  10. “Exosomes” as a Natural Release of the Human Body
  11. Masks or No Masks?
  12. Invalid Testing & Inconclusive Diagnosis for COVID-19
  13. Inflated Death Rates & Asymptomatic Cases
  14. Hydroxychloroquine is an Effective Treatment
  15. Emerging & Effective Treatment Protocols
  16. Questioning the Need, Safety & Efficacy of a Vaccine
  17. Dangers of Vaccines Laced with Toxic Materials
  18. Germ Theory is the Wrong Approach, Look to the Biome

THE LOCKDOWN: Season 1, Episode 2

  1. International, National & State Declarations of Emergency
  2. COVID-19 & The 5G Factor
  3. Total Surveillance State & The Right to Privacy
  4. Legal Authorities for U.S. Public Health Officials & State Governors
  5. Stimulus Bills Are Fast Tracks to Socialism & U.S. Bankruptcy
  6. Chinese Coverup & Propaganda
  7. Undeclared War Between China & United States
  8. Global Resets of the Pandemic
  9. The New World Order
  10. Big Pharma Funding Regulatory Agencies Providing Oversight & Developing Public Policy
  11. Internet Censorship & Medical Fascism
  12. The Global Health Protection Racket
  13. The Future Ain’t What it Used to Be

THE CORONA AGE: 2020 & BEYOND, Season 2

32. Dawning of the Corona Age





Johnny Liberty’s pioneering books include the Global Sovereign’s Handbook (2nd Edition) authored twenty years ago as Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship and the Sovereign American’s Handbook. There’s also a book on Allodial Titles & Land Patents.

Highly recommended for in-depth home study are two audio courses with 12 hours of material on each—IGP’s Global One Audio Course and ICR’s Success Education Course.

Except for the newly released Federal Criminal Defendant’s Handbook many materials are out-of-print and not available except in University libraries and private collections.

To acquire archival educational material, please order by selecting any of the links below. All orders are processed via Paypal and delivered within 7 days.





  • Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty (25th Anniversary Edition)(PDF or PRINT)
    • A three-book series, 600 page tome and extensive update of the renowned underground classic ~ the Global Sovereign’s Handbook.

    • Still the most comprehensive book on sovereignty, economics, law, power structures and history ever written.
    • Primary research behind the Global One Audio Course.
    • To Be Released December 1, 2020.
    • $45.00 ~ EBOOK
  • Global Sovereign’s Handbook (2nd edition)(PDF)
    • Primary research behind the best-selling Global One Audio Course. Sold 40,000+ copies worldwide.
    • $30.00 Archival PDF Book EBOOK
  • Individual Sovereignty Process (2nd edition)(PDF)
    • Formwork for individual sovereignty process. Sold 1,000+ copies in the USA.
    • $20.00 PDF Book EBOOK
    • $25.00 PDF and DOCX Certificate of Live Birth – Customized Forms ~ FORMS
  • Allodial Titles & Land Patents (2nd edition)(PDF)
    • Supported landowners with reclaiming paramount absolute title to their land. Sold 2,000+ copies in the USA.
    • $20.00 PDF Book EBOOK
    • $125.00 Paralegal Evidence Package – Customized Forms (DOC & PDF) ~ FORMS
  • Federal Criminal Defendant’s Handbook (PDF)
    • For federal prisoners or others facing federal prosecution. Sold 100+ copies in the USA.
    • $30.00 PDF Book EBOOK



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  1. I’m trying to start down the path to freedom and am quite confused by the list of book titles. Can you tell me which reading will provide the information I need for declaring sovereignty? HELP! Prepared to buy…..

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