– §02: Individual Sovereignty | Sovereign’s Handbook

The Big Picture….

  • A Notion of Sovereignty

Physical, Spiritual & Mental Sovereignty

  • Physical Sovereignty
  • Spiritual Sovereignty
  • Mental Sovereignty

Herd Mentality & Hassle-Free Zone

  • Policing Ourselves

Emotional Sovereignty

  • Emotional Sovereignty

Breaking Through Fears

Responsibility & Self-Government

Anger and Blame is Not Responsible

  • Anger and the Legal System
  • Anger and Bucking the System
  • Transforming the Power Structure with Integrity

Power is the Name of the Game

Sovereignty is the Source of Power

  • The British Empire as Sovereign Power
  • The Catholic Church and the Vatican as Sovereign Powers
  • Sources of Sovereignty in History / Herstory
  • Seven Aspects of Sovereignty
  • The Power of Sovereignty

Notes & Sources