– §21: Global Visions & Solutions | Sovereign’s Handbook

Virtues & Listening 

Problem Solving & Learning

The Power of Gratitude, Forgiveness & Happiness

Success Education & Leadership Training (DEAD SPACE)

Vision for the Next Millennium

A New Cosmology 

Teaching Preparedness 

Preparations for Survival

Prospering Through Earth Changes 

Balanced View of the Environment

– Land Use Conflicts and Resolutions on the Rise (DEAD SPACE)

Depolarization of Left and Right

Breaking Through Victim Mentality 

Expanding Our Imagination

Positive Agenda 16

Creating A Paradise on Earth

How to Build Community…

Restoring Sustainable Economics & Sound Monetary System

Gold & Silver, Local Scrip, Barter & Commodities

– Solar Energy Economy

Renewable Energy for Off-the-Grid Production

– The End of Peak Oil

– Having Your Smart Meter Removed

– Installing Micro-Utilities for Your Neighborhood, Business or Home

Establishing Global Source Centers in Local & Regional Communities

Notes & Sources