– §20: Freedom Technologies | Sovereign’s Handbook

Reclaiming Your Inherent American Sovereignty

– Examples of Constructive Legal Notices

Getting Your Papers in Order

– USA Passports

– Passport Application, Form DSP-11

– Identification and Travel Strategies

– Privacy and Name Changes

– Your Name and Signature Are Your Property

– Residents, Domicile and Mailing Addresses

– Domestic Mail

– Non-Domestic Mail

– Voter Registration

– Marriage Licenses and Divorce

– Selective Service Registration

Getting Your Affidavits in Order

– Declaration of Domicile (Affidavit 1)

– Certificate of Citizenship (Affidavit 2)

– Revocation of Power of Attorney (Affidavit 3)

– Revocation of Participation in Social Security & Notice of Denial of Existence of Signature on the SS-5 (Affidavit 4)

– Notice to Social Security Adminstration of the Existence of a Constructive Trust (SSN) in Your Name

– Notice to the Department of Commerce of the Existence of a Constructive Trust (i.e., Birth Certificate) in Your Name

Getting Your Business in Order

– Business LIcenses

– Incorporation Papers and Common Law Contracts

Right To Travel

Handling a Traffic Stop (DEAD SPACE)

Securing Your Right To Travel

– Right to Travel (Affidavit 5)

– Constructive Legal Notices, Right to Travel

– Legal Determination & Rulings

– Freeman/Freewoman Traffic Complaint and Citation Process

– Sample ORS 807.020, Exemptions from requirement to have Oregon license or permit

– Drivers License

– Sample ORS 801.245, Driver License

– International Driver’s Permit

– Sample ORS 801.360, Motor Vehicle

– Vehicle Registration, License Plate, Certificate of Title, or Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin?

– Sample ORS 801.526, Title

– Sample ORS 801.185, Certificate of Title

– Certificate of Title

– Buying a Used Car

– Buying a New Car

– Insurance, Bond, or Certificate of Financial Responsibility?

Restructuring Tax Liabilities

– Are You A “Person” Required

– Dealing with the IRS Before Liens and Levys

– Complex Business Organizations

– Dealing with the IRS After Liens and Levys

Getting Your Taxes in Order

– Tax Exempt Foreign Status (Affidavit 6)

– Letter and Notice to Employers, Withholding Requirements (Notice 11)

– Certified Mail, Return Receipt Both Letter and Notice To Your Employer or Company

– Certificate of Exemption From Withholding in Lieu of Form W-4 (Affidavit 7)

– Letter, Notice and Affidavit to IRS Indemnifying Employer From Penalties (Notice 12)

– Certified Mail, Return Receipt Both Notice and Affidavit to IRS

– Certificate of Foreign Status (W-8)

Restructuring in Foreign Entities

– Domestic of Statutory Trusts

– Non-Domestic and Foreign, Offshore Trusts

Foreign Trusts Explained

– How is a Trust Created?

– Divesting Corporations Into Trusts

– Avoiding Corporate Attributes

– Do Not Structure Trusts or Foreign Entities to Avoid Creditors, Court Judgments or IRS

– Exchanging, Conveying, Acquiring or Gifting Property

– Avoid Fraudulent Conveyance

Types of Trusts

Allodial Titles and Land Patents

– Federal Liens and Property Taxes

– Deeds and Conveyances

– Economic Sovereign and Lawful Money

– Protection From Foreclosures and Mortgage Fraud

– Are Land Patents Valid?

– Handling the Tax Assessor

Rediscovering America

We the People

Notes & Sources