– §12: American Citizenship | Sovereign’s Handbook

American Citizens—Sovereign & Free

  • What We Do Not Know
  • Knowledge v. Belief
  • American People Have Sovereign Powers
  • American People Feel Disempowered

Emancipation or Slavery for All

  • Civil War Not Fought to Free the Slaves
  • Europeans Attempt to Split the Nation
  • North and South Split on Slavery
  • Racism Embedded in American Culture
  • 13th(or 14th) Amendment Freed the Slaves
  • Military and Martial Law Declared
  • 14th(or 15th) Amendment Adopted Under Martial Law
  • Sovereign States and Southern Citizen POW’s
  • Residuals of Racism and White Supremacy Remain
  • Religious Intolerance and Racism

14th(or 15th) Amendment & U.S. citizen

  • 14thAmendment U.S. citizens with Limited Civil Rights
  • Corporations Have Civil Rights as Legal Persons
  • Rise and Expansion of Federal Power
  • Unalienable Rights v. Civil Rights
  • U.S. citizens Obligated to Pay Federal Debt
  • U.S. citizens Registered Via Birth Certificates

Corporate Persons Born & Enthroned

  • Corporations Forbidden From Owning Land
  • Incorporation of U.S. Government
  • Legal Persons Are Fictions
  • Privatization of the Public Domain
  • End Corporate Dominance
  • Corporations Chained by the Constitution

Stealing Your Citizenship

  • Volunteer Away Your Sovereignty
  • Abrogating the Sovereignty of the Nation
  • Political Forgetfulness
  • Truth is Suppressed and Attacked

American National OR “state” Citizen

  • Citizenship Not Defined in U.S. Constitution
  • Citizenship Defined in State Constitutions
  • The Forgotten People
  • What is American Citizenship?
  • Freeing the Slaves?
  • 14th(or 15th) Amendment Citizenship
  • Morally Weak and Ethically Deficient Government
  • Unalienable Rights as American Citizens
  • Giving Away Your Lawful Citizenship
  • Sovereign Citizenship as Reponsibility
  • Sovereign Aid and Protection for All
  • U.S. citizen as Impaired and Diminished Status

Immigration and Naturalization

  • Naturalization Act of 1802
  • Right of Expatriation
  • Foreign Immigration and Naturalization
  • Naturalization Through Common Law Marriage
  • Deportation for Illegal Immigrants

Declaring Sovereign Citizenship

  • Jural Societies as Citizen states
  • Right of Popular Assembly and Redress of Grievances
  • Vision for a New America and the World
  • Liberty and Justice for All
  • Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Notes & Sources