– §03: Indigenous Sovereignty | Sovereign’s Handbook

Native Sovereignty & Doctrine of Discovery

  • Rightly Extinct Manifest Destiny
  • Perpetual Slavery for Indigneous People
  • No Separation of Church and State
  • Natural Law Rights and Inherent Sovereignty
  • No Separation of Church and State
  • Church Must Rescind Doctrine of Discovery and Provide Reparations to Indigenous People
    • Tribal Economic and Legal Sovereignty

Treaty Rights of Indigenous People

  • Restoring U.S. Treaty Rights and Inherent Sovereignty

Northwest Ordinance & Indian Nations

  • Indian Removal Act and Genocide
  • Cherokee Nation, Georgia and Indian Law
  • Law of Nations and Indian Law

Indigenous Sovereigns of North America

  • Tribal Nations Never Lost Inherent Sovereignty
  • International Recognition of Sovereign Nations

Sovereignty in Hawai’i Today

  • Update on Hawaiian Sovereignty
  • The Wisdom of a Queen

Reflections on Indigenous People & Common Law

  • Organic Law of America
  • Common Ground Between White and Brown

News from Indigenous Nations

  • Onondaga Insist on Self-Rule
  • Oneida Shoot for Economic Independence
  • Shawnee Declare War on United States
  • Northern Russian Federation Calls for International Assistance
  • Huaorari Nation Occupies Oil Platforms
  • Indians Threaten Mass Suicide
  • Martial Law at Big Mountain
  • Leonard Peltier Denied Parole Again

Notes & Sources