– §13: American Law | Sovereign’s Handbook

De Jure Nations Are Defined By Law

  • Definition of De Jureand De Facto 
  • Philosophy of a Nation in Action
  • Making Criminals of All Americans
  • Plaintiffs Have the Advantage in Court
  • Anarchy of the Legal System
  • No Justice Expected

Natural Law & Unalienable Rights

  • Basic Tenets of Unalienable Rights
  • Civil Rights Are Not Unalienable Rights
  • Important Comprehension of Law

Basic Law Concepts

  • Language of Law
  • Distinction Between Lawful and Legal
  • Constitution As Law of the Land
  • Constitution As Controlling

Titles of Nobility & Attorneys at-Law

  • Merging Common Law with Equity Procedures
  • Attorneys at-Law As Titles of Nobility
  • Hiding Behind Titles of Nobility

State Legislatures & 17th(or 18th) Amendment

  • Direct Election of U.S. Senators By State Legislatures
  • State Legislatures Deprived of Equal Suffrage
  • Criticism of the 17th(or 18th) Amendment

Two Distinct Jurisdictions in America

– Kingdom of Hawai’I and Alaska

– Republic of Texas

Sovereign Union states of the Republic

– 28 USC §297 Assignment of judges to courts of the freely associated compact states

– Sovereign states must Reappoint U.S. Senators and Repeal 17thAmendment

Corporate Federal States & The Buck Act 

10thAmendment State’s Rights 

– Sample Wording of Oregon Senate Joint Resolution 3

Jury Rights & Who Judges the Law

Whose Flag is Flying in America Today?

– Title ? §1 Flag: stripes and stars on

– E.O. 10798

– E.O. 10834. Proportions and Sizes of Flags and Position of Stars

– Gold Fringed Flag Returned to Courtroom

Distinctions of American Law

Due Process & the Bill of Rights

5th Amendment Rights 

State & Federal Court Systems

Federal Law & United States Code (U.S.C.)

– Positive Law V. Non-Positive Law

Limits of Federal & Federal State Jurisdiction

– 5 USC §§ 102 and 105. Eligibility for Participation

– Federal Jurisdiction Limited by Supreme Court Ruling

– Defeating Bogus Presumptions

Sovereignty & Separation of Powers 

– 11thAmendment Precludes Jurisdiction of the United States Courts Within the States

– §1-105 Territorial Application of the Act; Parties Power to Choose Applicable Law (WHICH TITLE?)

Venue & Jurisdiction

– Sample Jurisdictional Argument for Municipal Court

– Statement Challenging Jurisdiction

– FRCP Rule 12(b) Defenses and Objections

Common Law 

Invoking Common Law Venue

– Article III. Judicial Authority

– Related United States Code, Title 28

– Supplemental United States Codes

– Chapter 21 General Provisions- Courts

– Chapter 42 Recognition of our division of the Courts

– Chapter 43 Common Law Special Appointments

– Chapter 49 Common Law Appointments

– Chapter 117 Letter Rogatory

The Great Writs

Underground Lawyers 

– The Laws of Arguing

Constitutional Common Law Courts 

– Common law Supreme Court Judgments

Notes & Sources