– §06: New World Order | Sovereign’s Handbook

Unveiling the New World Order

  • Objectives of the New World Order
  • War on Terror Is not the Only Threat
    • One World Government and the Puppet Masters
  • Scrutinize World Events and Expose the Truth
  • Commitment to Non-Violence

War Against the American Sovereign

  • Next Generation of Colonization
  • Frontline of Freedom and Sovereignty
  • Introducing the American Sovereign

Listen to the Drumbeat of Tyranny

  • Two Types of Tyranny
  • Listen to the Heartbeat
  • Stand Up and Be Counted
  • Fascist, National Security Police State

Police State Actions

  • Excessive Police and Paramilitary Actions

Expanded Police Powers & Foreign Military Forces

  • End of National Sovereignty of the United States
  • Foreign Military and U.S. Police Powers
  • Persian Gulf War Forces Exposed to Biological and Chemical Agents
  • US Companies Profited from Biological Warfare Ingredients in Persian Gulf War
  • Electromagnetic Manipulation by U.S. Military
  • War on Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Iran
  • Fighting Impersonal Wars with Drones

War on Drugs, War on Sovereign and Human Rights

  • Wrongful Death of Donald Scott Shot
    • Anti-Drug Legislation Fuels Growth of Criminal Justice System
    • Disinformation Drives Drug Prohibition
  • Marijuana Prohibition Wholely Ineffective
  • Hawai’i(an) Hemp Activists Suing Prosecutors
  • Industrial Hemp Movement Growing
  • Medical Marijuana Passes in California and Many Other States
  • Legalization in Colorado and Washington Begins Road to Decriminalization

Building Prisons Instead of Schools

  • Political Prisoners in America
  • Prisoners at Work
  • Stand Tall, Stand Together for Justice

Health Freedom or Fascism

  • Keeping Holistic Modalities Available
  • FDA Tactics and Assaults on Health Freedom [FDA TACTICS & OXYGEN THERAPIES]
  • FDA Bullies Life Extension Foundation for Nine Years, Then Backs Down
  • GATT/WTO Crushes Health Supplements in Norway, Threatens US
  • Health Choices Threatened by GATT / WTO and the Codex Alimentarius [UPDATE]
  • HIV Reappraised as Non-Contagious by Some Scientists and Medical Doctors
  • AIDS was Genetically Engineered
  • AIDS Statistical Risk is One in Five Million or One in Fifty Million
  • Why We May Never Read the Book on AIDS
  • Poisoning the People with Flouride
  • War on Food, GMO’s, Chemtrails & Geoengineering
  • Massive Public Support for GMO Labeling Begins the End

Outcome-Based Education

  • UNESCO Plan for Educational Standards
  • Critique of the Careers Act

Parental Rights Endangered

  • Mother Decreed a Stranger to Her Children

v Decision about UN Interference in Child Rearing

GPS, Biochip Implants & the Microchip Generation

  • Micro Information System for DMV
  • USA Passports with or Without Chips?

DNA Genetic Vampires & Indigenous Peoples Rights

  • Genetic Engineering and Property Rights
  • Human Genome Diversity Project
  • Vampire Project Challenged by Indigenous Alliance
  • Human Tissue Enterprise Linked to U.S. Military

Seizure Fever, The War on Property Rights

  • Asset Forfeiture Law Enforcement Program

Banking on the New World Order

  • National I.D. Cards and Tracking
  • FinCEN Follows the Money
  • Fingerprints, Not Liberty for All
  • Mexican Bailout Never Reached the People

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