– §07: Money | Sovereign’s Handbook

Gold & Silver Money

  • Short History of Money
  • Money Defined
  • True Source of Wealth
    • A Dollar is a Measure of Weight By Law
  • American People Were Our Own Bankers

Paper Money Substitute & Federal Reserve Notes
• Paper Money Substitutes are Not Money

  • Federal Reserve Notes are Not Federal or Notes
  • Distinction Between Real Money and Paper
    • There is No Actual Money System
  • Americans Never Paid Any Real Money
  • Create Your Own Money System
  • Inflation and Devaluation
  • No Authority to Issue Paper Money Substitutes

Introducing Debt Currency Into Circulation

  • Global Economic Speculation and Casino Gambling
  • Fractional Reserve Banking
  • Banks Getting Richer, You’re Deeper Into Debt
  • Paying or Discharging Debt?
  • Lawful Money as Gold or Silver Standard

International Banking Cartel

  • Conspiracy to Create the Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Banking System

  • Federal Reserve as Joint Stock Trust
  • Not Federal and Nothing in Reserve
  • Passing the Federal Reserve Act
  • We the People were our own Bankers
  • U.S. Government Received Unlimited Credit Line
  • Formal Charges Against Federal Reserve

Americans Asleep at the Economic Wheel

  • Surrendering More Than Money
  • Surrendering the Gold
  • All Helds Owned by Sovereign Power Structure

Irrelevant Economic Dialectic

  • Two Dialectics
  • Missing Power to Monetize Paper

Exponentially Raising the Debt Ceiling

  • Who’s in Charge of the U.S. Congress?
  • Who Has the Power to Close the Government?
  • Balancing the Budget Can Never Happen
  • Printing Money Out of Thin Air

Ten Investment Recommendations

Notes & Sources