– §01: Reclaiming the Sovereign Mind | Sovereign’s Handbook

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

  • This is Uncommon Sense

Truth is an Endangered Species

  • Wake Up America and the World
  • U.S. Citizenship and the U.S. Constitution
  • Reclaim Your Power and Restore Accountability

Beyond Denial, Being Responsible

  • Your Independence Day
  • Restoring Discernment and Discrimination
  • Restoring Response-Ability
  • Return to Virtue and Ethics

An Independent Press

  • Enjoying the Evening Snooze
  • Stealing Attention from the Real Issues
  • Investigative Journalism and Whistleblowing
  • Media Spins and Government Public Policy
  • Abandoning the Ship of Freedom

Media Literacy & Internet Activism

  • Media Manipulation and Manufacturing Lies
  • Framing the Facts with Lies Over the Internet
  • Discrediting the Source
  • Media as the Fourth Estate or Slave Masters
  • Restoring Media Literacy and Private Intelligence
  • The Internet was Birthed for Freedom
  • Personal Networking and Reporting the News
  • Developing Source Centers

Censorship & Security Issues

  • Wikileaks, Snowden and NSA Disclosures

Propaganda, Mind Control & Mental Prisons

  • Peer Group Pressure
  • Dogmas and Conditioned Beliefs
  • Prosecution and Character Assassination
  • Malicious Prosecution or Social Alienation
  • Political Assassinations and Whistleblowers
  • Political Prisoners and Non-Conformity
  • Public Education as Mind Control
  • Public Consumption of Media as Mind Control

Breakdown of the Family & Tribe

  • Breaking Free of Traditions
  • Family and Tribe Under Attack
  • Marriage License as Three-Party Contract
  • Common Law Marriage
  • State as the Legal Parent and Parens Patriae
  • Biological Parents Often Powerless
  • We the Children Become “We the People”
  • Hope for the Children, Youth and All Future Generations
  • The Wisdom of Insecurity
  • Economic Sovereignty Summary
  • Legal Sovereignty Summary

Truth is Neither Left Nor Right

  • Polarized Thinking and Conflict
  • Unified Thinking and Source Consciousness
  • Political Correctness as Fundamentalism
  • Be Ever Vigilant of Your Rights and Freedom
  • Crime Wave or Organized War
  • Boycott Maintream Media
  • Americans as People of the Lie
  • Surrendered Without Awareness
  • Political Sovereignty

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