– §09: Social Security & Taxes | Sovereign’s Handbook

Government Without Taxes & Tyranny

  • Cost of Government
  • Duty and Moral Responsibility
  • No Authority for a Direct Tax
  • Income Taxes are Unnecessary
  • Building the Capitol with a Lottery
  • Federal Debt Proportional to Government Size

Social Insecurity

  • Social Security as a Tax Program
  • How To Apply for a USA Passport Without an SSN
  • Sovereign Citizens Have No SSN
  • SSN is Voluntary
  • SSN as National ID Card
  • SSN as Adhesion Contract

Privacy Act & Freedom of Information Act

  • Privacy Act Protections
  • Freedom of Information Act Requests
  • Title 5 §552(C). Request for Records
  • Title 5 §552(d)(2). Records Maintained on Individuals

What is the Internal Revenue Service?

  • IRS Authority
  • Commissioner of Internal Revenue
  • National Prohibition and 18thAmendment Repealed by 21stAmendment
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue Morphed Into Internal Revenue Service
  • Delegation of Authority

IRS is a Bizarre Scheme to Collect Taxes Unlawfully

  • Income Taxes Intended for Elected U.S. Officials and Employees
  • IRS Has No Legitimate Enforcement Authority in Union of Several States
  • IRS Not a Corporation
  • IRS Taxing Authority

Individual Master File

  • IRS Classified Some Taxpayers Narcotics Dealers?
  • IRS Venue and Statute of Limitations
  • IRS Tax Protester Types
  • Individual Income Tax as Excise Tax

Short History of the Income Tax

  • First Income Tax for Federal Employees
  • Second Income Tax for Corporations
  • Income Tax Goes Directly to the Fed
  • Apportionment as Rule of Law
  • 16thAmendment Created No New Taxing Powers
  • 16thAmendment Improperly Ratified
  • Third Income Tax for Appointed and Elected Government Officials Engaged in Business
  • Victory Taxes After WWII
  • No Direct Tax, Wages Are Not Income
  • What is Taxable Income or Gain?
  • Labor is Property, Not Taxable Income

Wages Are Not Income, But Property

  • IRS Taxes Income Within United States
  • Wages Are Not Subject to Income Tax
  • Presumption Private-Sector Employees Are Working for the Government
  • Property is Foreign to the United States

Withholding Requirements

  • 26 CFR §31.3403-1. Liability for Tax
  • 26 CFR §31.3401-1. Return and payment by governmental employer

Income Tax is Voluntary

  • How to Volunteer as a Taxpayer
  • Show Me the Law
  • Willful Failure to File
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Form 1040 and OMB#
  • Tax Protesters

Tax Honesty & the IRS

  • Washington Attorney Concludes IRS Has No Authority
  • Attorney Larry Becraft
  • Attorney Michael Minns
  • Attorney Gerry Spence
  • Constitutional Advocate Bob Schulz and We the People Foundation
  • Former IRS Special Agent Joe Bannister
  • IRS Enrolled Agent John Turner
  • Former IRS Agent Sherry Jackson
  • Citizen Warrior Lamar Hardy

Sovereign “state” Citizenship and the IRS

  • IRS Extorting Revenue Without Authority
  • Non-Filers and Tax Protesters
  • No Taxes Without Representation
  • Strategic Withdrawal From Tax System
  • Resident or Non-Resident, Aliens
  • Sovereign “state” Citizens as Non-Resident Aliens
  • Giving Notice to the IRS

Notes & Sources