– §04: Sovereign Power Structures | Sovereign’s Handbook

Power Makes the Rules

  • Taboos of Sovereignty and Power
  • Conspiracy of Ignorance and Fear
  • Questions for the Wise Sovereign
  • Wake Up America
  • Invisible Sovereign Power
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Conspiracy Theories

Knowledge as Power

  • Distortion of Knowledge for Power
  • Secret Knowledge of Control
  • Struggling to Survive and Ruling the World
  • Brief History of Influential Secret Societies
  • Hopeful Rise of the Feminine

Illuminati, Freemasons & Communism

Power Doesn’t Play By the Rules it Makes

  • Decide to Network

Global Power Structure

  • Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission
    • Short Chart of Global Power Structure
  • United States Participation
  • Rhodes Scholarships Reward New Leaders
  • Rockefeller, Bohemian Grove and Bilderbergs

United Nations

  • Founding of the United Nations
  • Sovereign Nations Need Not Apply
  • United Nations Global Governance Commission
  • United Nations Flow Chart
  • United States Support for United Nations

NAFTA, GATT,  WTO & Free Trade

  • GATT Passes Congress Without Reading It
  • Internationalists Destabilized North America to Reconstruct Regional Government
  • NAFTA Enslaves North Americans
  • Legislation Proposed to Review NAFTA
  • Free Trade Policy Blasted by Former GM Executive
  • World Trade Organization

State of New Columbia (aka District of Columbia)

  • New Flag Flying Over the Capitol
  • Trust Territory of the United Nations

American Power Structure

  • Short Chart of American Power Structure
  • Military Industrial Complex

FEMA & Executive Orders

  • State of National Emergency
  • Historical Emergency Orders
  • Concentration Camps in America
  • Operation Rolling Thunder
  • Secret Underground Bases and Spy Satellites
  • Future Crisis

Federal U.S. Government & Organized Crime

  • Stealing From the Future
  • Stand Aside and Do Nothing
  • Power Structure as Corrupt
  • Foreign Nations Also Corrupt

National/Global Security State, NSA & CIA

  • Establishing the National/Global Security State
  • Wiretapping and Due Process of Law
  • Secret Executive Orders and CIA
  • Mind Control and the Global Manipulators
  • Facebook as CIA Data Mining Operation
  • Secret Directives Behind Airport I.D. Check
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Notes & Sources