– §11: American History | Sovereign’s Handbook

Separation of Church and State

  • Battles Between Church and State
  • Church and State
  • Constitution Rooted in Canon Law
  • Usurpation of Freedom of Religion
  • The Church as Sovereign
  • The State as Church
  • The Church as State

Early Colonization of North America

  • Brotherhood Connections in Europe
  • Vision of a New World
  • First Permanent Settlement in America
  • Masonic Order Established in America
  • European Colonization of America
  • First Two Chartered Corporations
  • King Granted Vast Land Grants
  • British Colonies as Commonwealths
  • First American Constitutional Convention
  • Brotherhood Plan for America
  • Founding Fathers as Freemasons
  • Fourteen Presidents Before Washington

Declaration of Independence

  • Declaration as Solemn Writ of Mixed War
  • Continental Congress Declares Independence

Story of the Flag of the United States

  • Sovereign Indian Nations Request Flag
  • Adding New Stars to the Flag

Who Won the First American Revolution?

  • War Inevitable Speech
  • Disinterested in War
  • Europeans Corporations Deeply Vested
  • British Attempt to Take Back America

Articles of Confederation

  • Free and Independent States
  • Sovereign Right of the Sovereign States
  • 1stConstitution As Trust Document
  • No Limit to State Sovereignty
    1stConstitution “for” the united states of America
  • Constitutional Misconceptions
  • Constitution As Limited Grant of Authority
  • 1stConstitution “for” Sovereignty of States and Citizens
  • 2ndConstitution “of” United States Government
  • Constitution Did Not Grant Rights
  • Constitution Has No Effect in Federal Area
  • Sovereignty Rests with States and Citizens
  • Constitutional Convention Called
  • Constitution As Canon Law Trust
  • Constitution Conforms With Common Law
  • Good and Safe Government Innovations
  • Constitution As Corporate Compact
  • Sovereign States and Sovereign Citizens

2ndConstitution “of” the United States

  • 2ndConstitution Parallel with 1st
  • Sovereign States As Party to the Constitution
  • 3rdConstitution As Coup d’etat
  • Constitution and Income Taxes
  • Constitution Today
  • Constitution As Law of the Land

Original 13thAmendment

  • No Titles of Nobility
  • Invasion of Attorneys from Europe
  • Ratification of Original 13thAmendment
  • Disappearance of Original 13thAmendment

Prosperity & the Great Depression

  • Accumulation of Vast Wealth
  • Cause of Great Depression
  • First Big Bank Bailout
  • No Government Safety Net
  • Speculation and Exploitation Lurked
  • No Accountability From Our Leaders

The New Deal: Socialism

  • Secret Deals on Wall Street
  • Roosevelt Declares Bank Holiday
  • New Deal Legislation
  • Corporate Socialism Now the Law of the Land
  • Corporate Expansionism and Foreign Aid
  • America Sold Down the RIver
  • Restitution for National Debt

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