– §08: Bankruptcy | Sovereign’s Handbook

Federal U.S. Government Corporation is Bankrupt

  • Shifting from Statesmen to Politicians
  • Foreclosure of U.S. Government Corporation
  • Suspension of Gold Standard and Confiscation
  • Incapable of Ever Paying Debt
  • Profound Shift from Substantive Common Law
  • The Admiral is Now King of America
  • International Bankers Robbing the People
  • The True Cost is National Sovereignty

Reorganization of the Federal United States Inc

  • Federal Reserve Banking System Operates Under Emergency Powers
  • Federal Reserve Notes Not Redeemable
  • United States Banking in Receivership

Sedition & Treason Against the United States of America

  • Bretton Woods Agreement & IMF
  • Secretary of Treasury as Receiver in Bankruptcy
  • Governors of the International Monetary Fund
  • 5 USC §3331. Oath of Office
  • 5 USC § 7311. Loyalty and striking
  • 22 USC §283 (a). Appointment of officers; term of office; salary
  • 22 USC §283 (c). Compensation
  • United States Participation in INTERPOL

Bankruptcy & American Law

  • U.S. Bankruptcy Merged Law with Equity
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Tried in Admiralty Court

Balancing the Budget Fiasco

  • Burdoning the Public with Debt
  • U.S. Federal Debt
  • Dipping Into Social Security Trust Funds
  • Off Budget Expenses

Borrowing from the Future—Your Children Will Pay

  • Direct Veto Power Over Government Spending

Bankruptcy Strategies

  • Foreclosures and Mortgage Fraud
  • Third-Party Accord and Satisfaction
  • Repudiating Credit Card and Mortgage Fraud

Building Economic Sovereignty

  • Building a Foundation
  • Finding Right Livelihood
  • Deregulate or Abolish the Federal Reserve

Notes & Sources